WAN Bandwidth Optimization, IOT M2M Solutions, Radio Link & Wireless Connectivity

Through Netfusion`s Wide Area Network Bandwidth Optimisation solutions, corporates stand to benefit from clear visibility of application, high levels of true compression, yielding high acceleration of data and top notch Quality of Service. Our Wan Optimisation solutions aid corporates; Monitor how users, applications and devices are behaving on the network and in the cloud, Correlate network and application data within a single unified view to control sanctioned/unsanctioned apps, Create user, application and location specific policies to control bandwidth consumption, Get prescriptive and actionable recommendations to potential issues before they become critical.

Netfusion has strong skills and vast installations done in the SADC region on Wi-Fi, WiMAX, Satellite, 3G IOT solutions. Radio Link or wireless connectivity for the many, and far between high-speed wireless remote connectivity to the enterprise through a wireless Radio Link is clearly an attractive proposition for many outreach workers in the field. Using Netfusion`s radio and or wireless connections, access to corporate databases becomes nearly instantaneous as does multimedia services, and e-mail access to key personnel within any organisation.

Netfusion offers site to site, or site to multisite connectivity of 2.4 GHz& 5.8 Ghz from 1km to 70 Km Arial distance with higher bandwidth from 20Mbps to 1Gbps depends on distance and aerial traffic. In certain cases are solutions are integrated with modern technologies like Internet of Things (IOT). Our technical team constantly trains and certifies on a number of Wi-Fi, WiMAX, Satellite, 3G IOT solutions.