Earthing, Lightning & Surge Protection

Netfusion is a renowned Technical Solutions Integrator of Clearline Protections Systems Earthing, Lightning and Surge Protection products in Botswana, and the SADC region. Netfusion supplies and implements solutions for the region’smajor telecoms players, mining, banking and finance, manufacturing, academic and ICT sectors among others. We have protection for all telecommunications, electronic and electrical systems.

We can have the R&D team at the factory manufacture protection device as per specifications providing there is economies of scale or good financial justification, thus for any unique scenarios.

We have protection for:

  • Telecommunications& Data Equipment
  • CCTV Protection
  • Irrigation Protection
  • Home & Office Protection
  • Air Conditioners
  • Power & General Protection


Voice and Data Communication has become vitally important in our modern age. Businesses rely heavily on good com-munications. Speed and reliability are no longer a “nice to have”, but a necessity. Modern digital PABX equipment has vastly reduced in size over the last decade, but due to miniaturization, has also become increasingly more susceptible to outside interference emanating from induced Lightning and electrical noise. The electricity supplier has no control what loads get con-nected to the grid, thus resulting in transients, surges and spikes which are all a by-product of the electrical system. This interference, if left unchecked, can seriously shorten the life of electronic equipment.

Independent tests conducted on 36 telephone PABX sites depicted a dramatic decrease in reported faults when the correct protection was fitted. This resulted in greater equipment reliability and lower maintenance costs.

Reduce OPEX CostBy Utilizing Available Grid Power Smarter

The Problem

For sites with three phase grid power, when one phase is unavailable or out orspecification, the generator controller will disconnect the incoming grid completelyand switch over to generator power. Because the site has single phase equipmentinstalled, the site could have still been powered using the available phases if only theload on the lost or out of specification phase could be reconnected to one of the otherphases which are still available.Because this is not currently achievable, the available grid power is not usedoptimally for as long as possible. This generates extra fuel and maintenance cost ofthe generator because it is running even though there is still grid power available tothe site.

The Solution

Our Partners have an engineered a solution for this, the PSC, Phase Switch Controller. Thecontroller constantly monitors the voltage of each phase and should a phase fallaway or be out of specification, the controller will automatically disconnect this phasefrom the load and connect the load to one of the remaining phases that has sparecapacity. Should the missing phase return, the controller will once again connect thisphase into the circuit.If the phase voltage is under or over voltage, it is switched off to protect theequipment connected to the output and replaced by one of the other phases.